Tire Pressure

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It would be nice to log tire pressure.  I current have a tire pressure alert even though all tire pressures are reading.  This might help me to figure out which sensor might be creating the alert.  (This all started after Tesla rotated my tires)

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Is this available in the TeslaFi API now ?  I'm not seeing it at the moment but the car is still, maybe it only appears when moving ?  I tried a last good but still not shown?  my pressures do show in the TeslaFi UI.


I could not find tire pressure variable in the raw data exported, does anyone know the variable name? 

I saw we have a daily summarized pressure graph which is nice, just wonder if we can get a more granular data about tire pressure.  

The tire pressures are on the wrong side of the car. Can it be an issue with the steering wheel being on the left hand side? 

I think the issue was that were labeling the per drive reading with driver/passenger when it should have been front/rear like Tesla reports it.

This was just changed:



Thank you for your answer.

I meant in this picture on the top part of the page:

I'm having issues with three of my tyre sensors. The only one working is on the passenger side, stated by the car.

As I'm in Norway the steering wheel is on left side, or topmost in this picture. So the pressure measurement shown is on the wrong side of the car, it skould be displayed under the car. 
Not a big issue, but possible to solve i hope :)

The tire pressure readings reported by Tesla's API is reported in Front Left, Front Right, Rear Right, Rear Right so it shouldn't matter if the vehicle is right or left hand drive.  A few other changes were made over the last couple days.  Is everything appearing ok now?


would it be possible to.have the last tyre pressures available, remain in the system to view when the car isn't moving ?Something like the state of the battery app.


API Limitation

Unfortunately the Tesla API does not provide this information.

James, tire pressure is in the API now when the car is in motion. Any chance of revisiting this request? It would be interesting information for some people to have.

Maybe you could create a new section to display the daily max tire pressure per tire on the side bar where there is  the sleep summary at the top? Or maybe something separate under the Drives menu to show max tire pressure per tire per drive? Thanks

Would be great if this could be tracked.


I'm fairly certain that Tesla isn't sending tire pressure via the API. So this probably isn't possible right now.


Same.  I'd like to trend the tire pressure over time and also see approx when I developed a slow leak (nail) to figure out what could have happened.