Search Drives for Multiple Tags

Bokonon 5 years ago updated by James 2 years ago 2

Occasionally, I want to perform a Drive Search that spans multiple tags (e.g. Commute to Work and Commute Home), but at the moment, Drive Search only lets you select a single tag with a dropdown list. Would it be possible to turn this dropdown list into a multi-select, so that we can search drives for multiple tags at the same time?

+1 for this function. I use TeslaFi for documenting my driving related to work, and there are extra reimbursments if you have a passenger in the car, cargo, trailer etc. 

For my work related drives I have the following set of tags; Work (only me), Work + 1, Work + 2, Work + Cargo etc.

But after tagging all of my trips with the above tags I noticed that I can only search for one tag at a time. 

:( And when I try to download all drives from 22nd of june till 31st of july I end of with only 19 drive records.