TeslaFi Lifetime Drive Miles differ greatly from Model 3 ODO

NJturtlePower 5 years ago updated by James 5 years ago 2

Wondering why my TeslaFi "Lifetime" drive miles varies by over 181mi so far in the first 6-month (4,500mi) of use.

I stated logging with TeslaFi  on Day-1 delivery (Car ODO 25mi) and now TeslaFi shows a total of 4,381 driven while my actual ODO is at 4,562. 

This can be due to some factors out of TeslaFi's control.  If your car completes a entire drive while not connected to cell network, or if TeslaFi isn't polling, TeslaFi won't know anything about that drive.  You're missing a little more than 3.4% of all miles driven, so I think the short drives within the windows I explained is the reason.

Makes sense, but I assumed once signal is back it would see the ODO difference since last drive and add it in to the prior or next drive. Isn't that how it works with the vampire drain and or idle loss?