How about an annual drive/charge summary report available? Currently only Monthly or "Lifetime"

NJturtlePower 5 years ago updated by RStimers 3 years ago 2

Would be nice to see an annual or year end report similar to a credit card statement. I guess you can go to each feature and combine logs of specific dates, but would be nice to see it as a drop down option in the Calendar view.

How about adding mileage driven for period searched in the Charge Summary Report. I can get it by adding the drives together, be nice in the report.

Also perhaps adding an annual battery health assessment. Could be made into a pretty sweet looking executive summary. Best option would likely be to be able to set a start and stop date with recommended preset dates of either a calendar year, or on the anniversary of the cars build date, or on the anniversary of TeslaFi account subscription.

Read here for more detail on battery health: