Windows Down Alert

YYZMODEL3 1 year ago updated by ststats 5 months ago 4

I'm wondering if you receive data about windows down while the car is empty?

Had a situation where the passenger window was down when I came back to the car yesterday and thought it would be great if you could send an alert when windows are down. 


Now that we can control windows from the iphone app for Model 3, I would think it would be possible to get an alert.

I'd love a one-time alert if my windows are down 10 minutes after my car locks.  

We can enable the window down alert now. However, can the actual window be added to the alert? Currently it says "[VEHICLE NAME] has had a window down for 15 minutes". It would be good to know which window is triggering the alert. Also, can the fd_window, fp_window, rd_window, and rp_window values be added to the TeslaFi API, as they are available in the Tesla API.

Thanks for adding...I've noticed this more that it's gotten colder again. My guess is the winter update from last year keeping the windows from rolling up fully to keep them from freezing. It caught me off guard (having spring temps past few

I see in the changelog that email alerts for windows down won't be sent while driving (implemented 5 days ago), but I've had two of them since.   One today on the way home.  Drive was from 4:33 PM to 5:19 PM, received the window down email 4:40 PM.