API Limitation

Record driver profile name?

jfish 6 years ago updated by ialexryan 5 months ago 7

Is it possible to tag drives with the driver profile name? I'd love to show the comparison in driving efficiency, etc., between my various family members. 

Thanks for developing this cool service BTW. 

This feature would be really useful. I wonder if the Tesla API might support it nowadays?

I would love to see stats per driver. Even more when I get the second Tesla for my wife. Would be greate to have multiple cars and driver stats.

Bad Tesla! 

API Limitation

The Tesla API does not provide the profile name so the only way to do this is by manually tagging the drives in TeslaFi or auto tagging in TeslaFi.

Is this 2-year old "API restriction" comment no longer true?  Driver profile name doesn't appear to impossible to get now.  Since "Safety Score" was added I see many/most drives in TeslaFi single-day activity pages (such as the current day) have the name of the driver's profile in the "Safety Score" box.  I would love to get the driver name added to the "download some/all drives" option, and generally everywhere single drive data is displayed.

If Tesla is implementing roaming profiles where profile data is synced to Tesla, there should be a possibility to get the profile name, or not?

And who drives the car for the most duration or distance