Manually resume polling before driving

VValleyEV 5 years ago updated by exyll 5 years ago 3

Perhaps there is a simple way to do this that I have missed:

When my car is parked in the garage and asleep, I need to tell TeslaFi to wake it up an resume polling before I get in the car and drive away, else it will miss part of that drive. I suppose I can tell it to honk the horn, but would be nice to have some easy-to-find button I can push on TeslaFi.com from my smartphone to wake it up while walking to the garage.

I don’t want to disable sleep mode because that is more complicated, esp using a smartphone, and I don’t want to forget to re-enable it when I return.

@VValleyEV I've update my post as the values didn't work and fixed them.

I don’t see a button in the upper left to resume polling. Can yo send a screen shot?

All I know how to do is select the settings menu, sleep modes, and uncheck the “sleep mode enabled”, which is quite a few steps on a small smartphone screen.

You solution of a separate app to automatically resume polling on Bluetooth connection looks pretty slick, thanks, I will look into that.

When Teslafi is 'sleeping' (meaning, not polling the data API) there is always a button in the upper left to resume polling.

You might want to look at my solution https://support.teslafi.com/communities/1/topics/7174-consider-creating-an-iosandroid-app-that-uses-bluetooth-connectivity-events-to-signal-to-the