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I enabled the Alexa skill yesterday, so I can stop having to fumble with my phone in the morning to start the cabin heater while getting ready for work. The skill works fine for most queries, providing historic data, but anything trying to control the car, like "Alexa, ask my car to turn on the heater" results in "I'm having trouble accessing your electrifi.com skill".  This continued over 5-10 minutes, presumably because the car was asleep.  Once I opened the Tesla app in my phone and waited for it to wake up the car, those same commands started working as expected through Alexa.

Is it possible to adjust the skill so if a command fails it wakes up the car and retries, or at least wakes up the car and gives a message the car is waking up, try again later?

My car is a Model 3 LR Dual motor if it matters.


Thanks, it did start working for me. The long silent pause threw me the first time but is no big deal since it does the right thing in the end. 



Sorry for the delay.  I made a change few weeks ago that will send multiple wake up commands if the vehicle is sleeping before sending the command.  If the command is still unsuccessful it will prompt you to retry the command.

Currently there is a delay of up to 30 seconds from Alexa while executing the wake up command if it's sleeping but I will make it more user friendly in the future.


fwiw same issue at my end

Thanks for the quick response, I look forward to the eventual fix!


Thanks.  The skill may need to be adjusted since the Tesla API changed the way the vehicle wakes up.

I've converted this to a bug but it may take a few weeks to update.



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