Range gain while sleeping Model 3

Toadmanor 5 years ago updated by ThrustSSC 3 years ago 3

Lately I have been gaining range while sleeping. For example, I have my charger set to charge to 65%. It completes a charge cycle to 65% and then goes to sleep. While sleeping the charge rate climbs to 67% and I gain a couple of miles of range.

This seems to be something I have only noticed the last couple of days.

What is this about?


I get this a lot with 90% charges. I gain 2% pretty well every time...

The BMS probably adjusts the number if the car has sat overnight and the software has had a chance to think about things (the Fast EV Lighting Run done in early 2020/late 2019 (I forget which) involved scores of back to back fast charges which caused the BMS to be very confused about the battery health. The problem was fixed by some charge/discharge cycles with time with the car sitting overnight if memory serves).

I have seen 1% fluctuations as a result of thermal changes if there is a wide temperature swing up in one day (20F-30F). I suspect this is in part caused by round off error (car was parked at 50.48%, sun warmed the car up so the BMS is now reading 50.52%). It probably goes down too, but Sentry Mode, waking up, and vampire drain probably dwarf this the other way.

Having the same behaviour, seems that the BMS realises there is some voltage more?