can I flip between cars and still have history?

geekandi 6 years ago updated by Gadget 5 years ago 3

let's say I am adding a car..

then new car is added, I flip over to logging for the new car. And I see things updating going forward.

If I flip back will I see the history of the old car?

Or is it all put together as one big datablob and it just starts logging with the new source but to the same destination?

I sold my model S and purchased a model 3. TeslaFi is now recording data from my 3, but when I look at battery report it only shows degradation data on my old S. How do I have this show my new car? 

Disregard, after posting this I saw my date selection was up to the date I purchased the new car... 


So, James, 

If I switch cars, as i'm about tot do; Mode S out, Model X in, then I will keep the history of my model S?

Because I use this history to bill my business related travel.


Only the car selected in settings will be polled and logged.  If it's switched TeslaFi will start logging the other vehicle and stop logging the previously selected vehicle.

If you'd like to log each vehicle they would each need their own TeslaFi account.