Add a plug in reminder

chadgr 7 years ago updated by BattMobile 6 years ago 5

Also... the check for charging has saved by butt before... I have VT check at 10pm if it is plugged in and if not it sends me a text message. If I leave it overnight not plugged in I risk not having enough charge to get to work.....


Can you please add the charger condition to this also? I only want to get a text if it's not plugged in. If I get one every night whether it's plugged in or not, then it's kind of useless to me. Basically, I want to know if I or my wife have forgotten to plug it in. I would think the existing functionality would stay the same since those that want a reminder regardless could just select "Any" for Charger, correct?


I added the SoC setting.  The location aware is more involved and should be on a new feature request if you don't mind.

I also would like this to be dependend on location and SoC.


The has been completed and can be found in the notifications section in settings.


This would be great as a scheduled email (at a time we could set, so that it's after our charge would start), if the battery isn't charging and the charge is below a certain amount. I usually charge at work, so I don't plug in most nights, and it would be great to get a notification on the nights that I actually need to charge but forgot to plug in.