Scheduled Charging

chadgr 7 years ago updated by StefanSarzio 7 years ago 3

I was using Visible Tesla on my computer and my favorite feature was to be able to control the SOC on a schedule. Here in the North East the cold weather greatly affects the regen breaking, which is about my favorite feature of the car! Anyway, with the scheduled SOC, I would set it to charge a extra 5% starting at 5am, that way the battery would warm up by 5:30 when I left and my regen breaking was much better for my ride to work.

So, it looks like teslafi had no control feature... :( So, my idea would be to add scheduling to it if it is added.


Wow, looks great!

Wish #1: let us enter the hour in 24h format - possibly with a new setting for time format next to date format on the settings page.

Wish #2: Allow one-time schedules with date and time.

Wish #3: Add an "is plugged in" as a condition. Use case: I want to set the charge limit to 80%, but only when plugged in. Same for pre-conditioning. I would like to start that too automatically, but only when plugged in.

Bug #1: I entered the first schedule, then misunderstood the "New" button and pressed that instead of "Save". My mistake! But after that I cannot entered a value in the first line (ID #71) after setting the "Command" to "Set charge limit". It works fine on the second line (ID #72).


This has been put in place and a beta version is online.  Please let me know if anyone sees any issues.