Schedules & Reminders Problems: Not Chronological, Hi Temp, Plug In Reminder, Don't defrost in the summer!

K5TRX 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

Schedules & Reminders appear to be in a random order. Schedules & Reminders should Be Sorted Chronologically so that you can see in order: 

1:00 AM Set Charge 70% 

1:02 AM Start Charging 
6:00 AM Set Charge 80% 
6:02 AM Start Charging 
7:15 AM HVAC temp HI (85 degrees, Model 3 can't go over 85 degrees, not 100 degrees as shown) 
              --> If inside temperature is below __. Don't do this in summer!
7:17 AM HVAC ON   --> If inside temperature is below __. 
7:22 AM HVAC OFF  --> If HVAC is ON.

7:23 AM HVAC temp 70 (ready for temp I will use as needed on ride to work)

9:00 PM Plug in Reminder Charger is currently blank. Only do if Charger  = Disconnected.

Teslarati Schedules and Reminders.jpg

It might be better to use Outside Temperature instead of inside.
Your summer schedule to pre-cool the car (Set Temp 70 HVAC On) might only be if the outside temperature is over ___.
Your winter schedule to pre-heat the car  (Set Temp 85 HVAC On) might only be if the outside temperature is under ___.

Also in winter you might want to charge to 70% as above when rates come down at 12:00 AM and then finish to 80% just before you leave. That way you have as much regenerative braking as possible with the warm battery.

So it might be if outside temperature is under 60F, charge to 70% at midnight with second step at 6AM to 80%.

In summer, you might was to charge all the way starting at 12:00 AM so that the battery can cool before you drive.

This might be if 60F+, charge to 80% starting at midnight.