Leaderboard - Sort by temperature

jiten87 6 years ago updated by bampton 1 year ago 1

Do you guys have any plans to open up the leaderboard section to more filtering options? Already there is filtering by battery size, but I'd like to see one where I can sort as well, particularly temperature to compare efficiency in colder temps.


Wearing my Computer Science degree hat. 

Filtering by model (or models) is easy- fixed value(s) and probably indexed in the database (i.e., quick to retrieve)

Filtering by safety score, odometer, even supercharger counts is a bit more complex (more talking to the database), but still easy in that the data only requires minimal massaging.

Looking at filtering by temp (or speed) is something that would be interesting (for my personal driving, I'd love to be able to do a dual breakdown by speed and temp), but requires more complex data analysis. For smaller datasets ("All Model 3 Performance") it is probably doable. For larger ones ("All Model 3"), the number crunching may be hard (read "require lots of RAM or scratch space"). I suspect that if temp were an indexed key in the database (I've not seen the schema) you might be able to do this in a computationally feasible manner.