Emails in both Firefox and Chrome lose table lines and color boxes.

boaterva 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

Emails from TF with charge reports and trip reports work perfectly in iOS, but in webmail (Firefox and Chrome through a gmail account, same one in all case), the same email doesn't show the red/green colors in the web version and the lines of the table layout that works in the iOS/iPhone display.

I thought this was some content blocking perhaps for FF, but the same occurs in Chrome.  Any ideas?


Somehow didn't get an update on this, but noticed they are working (and in Chrome also).  Thanks much!


Gmail does not like any of the styling used so I toned it down a bit and it appears to showing correctly  now.

Sorry, no change using the example of a drive report.  Does this work for you?  I would think you could see this yourself easily enough using any webmail client in FF or Chrome.  Or it is only gmail?
Under review

Unfortunately each email client handles styling differently.  I made a change to the emails.  Can you let me know if they appear any better now?



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