Download charge activity at home

sendsley 3 years ago updated by titanmiller 1 year ago 5

would like to be able to download charging time and costs, including costs for home charging. 

Would be cool if there was a JSON page which would show the log as well.

Just need charges search/download like drives. Ideal to me would be the following columns:

#, Date, Time, Average kW, kWh, Start Range (rated), End Range (Rated),  Start Range (Ideal), End Range (Ideal), Start SOC, End SOC, Location, Latitude, Longitude, Note, Tag, Calculated Power Cost

I was just trying to figure out how to do this. I want to chart some home charging data over time.

My energy provider messed up & my bills are wrong for several months. I'm trying to rectify it with my "at home charge logs". Would love if I could download the results from a charge report in Excel, CSV, JSON, etc. ... doesn't matter.


This is now available in the menu in Charges->Charge Search And Download.  Please open a ticket if there are any issues.