Download charge activity at home

sendsley 7 years ago updated by titanmiller 5 years ago 5

would like to be able to download charging time and costs, including costs for home charging. 


This is now available in the menu in Charges->Charge Search And Download.  Please open a ticket if there are any issues.

My energy provider messed up & my bills are wrong for several months. I'm trying to rectify it with my "at home charge logs". Would love if I could download the results from a charge report in Excel, CSV, JSON, etc. ... doesn't matter.

I was just trying to figure out how to do this. I want to chart some home charging data over time.

Just need charges search/download like drives. Ideal to me would be the following columns:

#, Date, Time, Average kW, kWh, Start Range (rated), End Range (Rated),  Start Range (Ideal), End Range (Ideal), Start SOC, End SOC, Location, Latitude, Longitude, Note, Tag, Calculated Power Cost

Would be cool if there was a JSON page which would show the log as well.