Stay logged checkbox (with cookie).

Deggle 7 years ago updated by StefanSarzio 7 years ago 6

Would be helpful, especially for logging on in the car. Perhaps add a password confirm to any settings changes.

I seem to get logged out sometimes, but not always, when going from support.teslafi.com to www.teslafi.com via the button in the upper right corner.

Today I first openend teslafi.com and checked my car. I was still logged in. Then openend support.teslafi.com (using middle click for new tab) and checked the new entries. I closed the www.teslafi.com tab. After I checked the entries on support.teslafi.com I wanted to again open www.teslafi.com in a new tab via middle click on the upper right button and had to log in again.


How long should the session be kept alive? (I was logged out today on the PC after logging in yesterday with "Remember me" checked.) Is it possible to have a longer timeout? 24h would be nice.


I have the cookies set to 10 days.  It was probably because I originally coded only handling one cookie.  Setting another with a different device was overwriting the original cookie.  I rewrote everything to handle multiple devices and it should be good now.


This has been completed.  Please let me know if you see any issues.



*logged in (sorry can't see how to edit).