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Avg speed calculation problem found? (EU metrics)

Nietschy 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 3

I ha a trip where the avg speed is just wrong by my math.

(EU metrics)

I have a trip of 205.89km in 1h49 mins. So it's 99 Minutes for 205km. How can I go from here to the displayed 105KPH?

I would say its 124.8KPH.

(205.8 km / 99 min = 2.08 km / min  

* 60 = min/hour = 124.78 km/h)

Image 106

Where am I wrong?

Not a bug

Yes it will.  Per the settings page on Deep Sleep Mode - During the time specified above and during an Idle, TeslaFi will immediatly stop polling data for the time specified above.

It stopped polling the car for the set time of 30 minutes which caused the miss off the start of the drive.

I have deep sleep configured in my settings until 7am. So This start was before that... But a short stop for about 1 Minute should not have put the car (and/or teslafi) into deep sleep mode... right?

I have found something very od that may have lead to this error.

I guess the avg speed is right, but the start of the trip is very wrong!

I started at 6:52 and not 7:23. There is a 31 minute Park in my profile, that is just very very wrong.

I just have stopped home to pick something up!

May you take a look what goes wrong here in the recognition of driving vs parking?
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