Calendar view for July shows strange values

StefanSarzio 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

Wh/km: 727 Wh/km

kWh Used 3722.67 kWh

Time Spent Driving 755 Hours 33 Minutes

This cannot be true.

Also the "Previous Month" links to the same month. On that page there is a "Next Month" link. Pressing "Previous Month" on this page links to June.

Probably was. Works fine now.

Thanks for the quick fix!


You had some really bad data on July 14th from some offline and unknown data which caused the logger to go into a loop from the state transitioning from driving to waking which it wasn't set to handle.  I added a catch for it in the future and deleted the bad loop states.

I wasn't able to replicate the previous month issue.  Maybe it was related to the data.

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