An URL to return just the latest row of API raw data.

Deggle 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

Would be very useful for me, and perhaps others.

I have my own home automation projects and would like to pull in some data from my Tesla. As Teslafi is grabbing data each minute it would make so much more sense to just pull this from you, rather than double up on queries directly to the car. I can do this now, but it means simulating a login (and cookies) and scraping the .data.php which pulls down a lot of data.

As a bare minimum, you could consider just adding a query string option to /data.php so it only returns the top row, and ideally just as JOSN or XML.

Better would be if we could generate a access key to be able to call a single endpoint without needing to simulate a login and cookies - however, that would be more involved.

Hello again James.

Thanks so much for setting this up - I didn't reply at the time but has been using it since it was first added. I do have a quick request if it's something that would be easy...!?

I've been working on some IoT projects that pull in the JSON data for various purposes. My latest example is: https://twitter.com/TimAlston/status/921764064287772674

However, a number of these devices will only make simple requests over HTTP and not HTTPS (the encryption is just too heavy for the small microcontrollers). I've setup a proxy on my own web server for my JSON feed, but I think that sooner or later others will want to make similar devices and this additional step creates a barrier.

Is it possible to allow the API to be called via HTTP as well as HTTPS?

The main security risk I can foresee is that this would risk exposing the API key (for potential interception), however it's at the party calling the API's discretion of whether they want to encrypt the request/response or not.




This has been completed. There is a link in the bottom of the settings to create an API key.