Controls Tesla via IFTTT Webhooks

fesfsef 7 years ago updated by raphaeldavid 5 years ago 6

Hi James,

With EVMOTE it had the option of adding webhooks, where I could send a POST (Text/Plain) request to my car via IFTTT, similar to your TeslaFi API access I presume but with controls.

e.g.  https://www.evmote.com/ifttt/5f8242b1-7b4a-4fa3-a83b-33eaf683b29f/honk would honk my Tesla horn. I could then add this to IFTTT so if my Nest smoke alarms went off the car would honk etc.

Do you think that would be possible to add to TeslaFi?

Thanks Will


Not 200$/month if you create webhooks...

I wonder.. does Zapier.com also have a similar charge for developers?


I'm looking for a IFTTT solution too.


I second IFTTT support for Tesla.  I just recently got into IFTTT, and as a good example, ComEd (electric company) has their real-time electricity pricing tied into IFTTT.  So, when electric prices shoot up, I can shut off my Ecobee thermostats (turn off A/C or Heat), turn all the lights off in my house, etc.  When prices go back down, I can turn the A/C back on.  All automatic. 

It would be great to be able to do the same thing for the Tesla.  If electric rates drop, start charging to take advantage of the cheap electricity, and if prices jump, stop charging. 

Webhooks can be used without paying. So you could expand your API to support https://www.teslafi.com/feed.php?token=TOKEN&command=honk



IFTTT charges $200/month now to developers along with a years commitment.  I'll convert this into a feature request to possibly implement in the future.