Add "Miles Added per Hour" to Charge records and summary

mkolowich 7 years ago updated by spacklewoof 5 years ago 5

"Avg. Miles added per hour" is a useful way to evaluate and differentiate among charging locations, so this should be calculated and displayed in two places:

  • In each charging record; and especially
  • On the charging summary page, in the Charge Count at Location table

This should be calculated by dividing Rated Miles Added by charging time in hours. Both are already calculated, so this should just be a simple calculated field.

I think this would be useful too.  It's so simple to add, it should be a no brainer.  The info is already there.  I like the idea for the graph too. However I don't know that the information is provided through the API to make said graph.  To summarize, I like the idea for the Average MPH/Charge.  I also like the idea of the graph showing charging slowing over time.  However, two years in and no traction on this, I doubt we'll see it.

Also it'd be nice to have a miles-added-per-hour line on the graph, so we can see how it changes over time, with the average being part of the summary.

I'd also like to see this, it's nice to know the average mph of various chargers – I realize it's non-linear and can simply keep that in mind while viewing the value. Perhaps make it optional if some people find it to be invalid data?

I still think this would be useful. Most of my charging is done at non-supercharger locations, and except for the top of the state-of-charge range (over 90%), I find the charging rates to be reasonably linear for the operating ranges I tend to use (30 to 80%). It would be useful to have a sense for differences in average charge rates at various locations I use: home, work, various ChargePoint locations, etc.


Since the charging rate is non linear, this would be of limited value.