Firmwares per country/continent and firmware version breakdown

exyll 6 years ago updated by CMc 4 years ago 2

I'm from the Netherlands and most firmware stats are only easy to follow for US owners. It would be nice to filter firmware info based on continent and/or country. For example "Europe" or "Europe/Netherlands". 

Then you could see the current breakdown within a country. Meaning, what versions and count/percentage in that country/continent. Another view could do a breakdown for a specific version. Show the breakdown of car types for that version.

I understand that for some you actually need a new reporting dimension and that the other is just filtering in the data presented but it would make it way more useful.

yes would be nice to know when my car config in my region is receiving new updates

I second that!

It would be very beneficial to know wether a new firmware is released for a specific model & country. 

Thanks for considering!