Home Charging using Solar Panels?

Simon_rb 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

We use a Zappi Charger at home and set it for using Solar Power in the day however the annoying thing is if a cloud comes over or the house draws some extra power so there isn't enough surplus to charge the car it will automatically pause/stop the charge then continue once there is enough surplus solar energy.. 

Issue with TeslaFi is that each of the pause then start again charges get logged as a new charge session.. Would it be simple enough to add in an option that when the vehicle is plugged in and the charging stops for say anything less then 15mins then starts again that it just carry's on the logging as the same charging session so it doesn't show up as a new one.. On a dodgy day we can end up with 30 odd charges. This could even be added just as a logged location like "Home" and set it just for during the day so if you charger behaves like this in the middle of the night it would still log it correctly. 

Even if we get an option to add charging sessions together that would help.. I'd rather those 30 start stop chargers show up as one. 

Also I love the idea of the different tariffs (Economy 7 for example).

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Just thought I’d bump this. Could there be an option where we say that we can tag a location like “home” for example and if the charge is happening at daylight hours and it’s stop start without the cable being unplugged that it combines all those charging sessions into one. It could also show how much money we saved as it will assume it’s from solar. I have attached a screenshot of today’s charging; this is only a snippet of todays charging events. Many Thanks

Possibly and I have seen it a few times where its been over 100% efficient lol 

Given your use case I suspect you are also seeing the bug I'm seeing in https://support.teslafi.com/communities/1/topics/4402-bug-in-kwh-added-if-charger-restarts

This will show up as charging sessions with atrocious or nonsensical "charge efficiency".  I believe I see the problem about 1 in 10 times the charger is restarted within a minute (teslafi polling interval).  Charge efficiency either << 80% or >> 100% (I saw 590%, 37%, 46%).