Add the old software version to the "Software Updates" page that shows each update

StefanSarzio 3 years ago updated by James 2 years ago 5
DateVersionModelStateLocationAutopilot VerService Center
12-07-2017 05:29 AM17.26.76S75DTexasUnited States2

Add another column "old version was"


This is very helpful, thanks.

But also somewhat painful to see the updates once again going to those who recently got one, leaving those on old versions behind.

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The complete VIN software history is already available in the detail (by build) page.

This isn't so that I can see my own version history or that of a specific car, but so that when a new version rolls out one can see which cars get it.

You misunderstand me. Each vehicle in the VIN detail (by build) page has a link that, when clicked on, displays the entire software update history for that car -- just like it does for your own. It does, however, require you to drill down a level... Yes, displaying a column with the immediately previous per-vehicle build would make for a quick scan, but not certain of the value...

I know that. But as you say yourself: it's cumbersome to drill down one level for each car that got a new update just to find out which versions get the update on a preferred basis and which don't.