Show battery degradation statistics from original maximum capacity

jbctech 6 years ago updated by Teslaap 1 year ago 6

I love the "Battery Report" where it shows the battery degradation information. I would love to have the ability have it show total degradation from what a new battery would have. I purchased a used vehicle and signed up for TeslaFi a couple months after I took ownership, so the degradation only shows me a fraction of the overall degradation of the battery.

Would be great if I could some how plug in either the type of battery or the maximum rated range of a new one and have it do some calculations based off of that.

would be great to have that.

would like to get that, too

I don't see any movement on this and i can see there are other products available that do this so will be moving to one of those if Teslafi does not intend to offer it (as seems the case now).

I very much agree. How can we get a reply from teslafi?

This would be great. Just started using teslafi with about 14k miles on my vehicle.

It would even be nice to compare to the fleet.