Cannot save location settings for Harrisburg PA Supercharger

kevin 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 3

I have saved names and icons for all my charging locations, but it fails for the Supercharger in Harrisburg PA.  I have tried this multiple times over time and it fails.  I have no issue with any other address.

In any other page, when I click the Submit button, you get a response that it was successful.  On this particular page, when I click submit, it takes me back to my drive summary each time (and doesn't save the info).

Image 96


This should be corrected now.  For some reason the form did not like that address no matter what I did to it.  I changed the form a bit and it's working again.

No worry.  Minor thing, just wanted to point it out so you were aware.

Under review

Hi.  I am out of town this week and will look at this when I return this weekend.  Sorry for the delay.

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