Add simple control functions to TeslaFi header

mkolowich 7 years ago updated by frict be@gmail com 2 years ago 16

Introduce simple vehicle control functions into TeslaFi main header. Specifically:

  • click on Doors: Locked / Unlocked to change state;
  • click on Charge % and enter a new maximum charge level; and
  • click on Inside Temperature to turn Climate on/off (should add climate on/off icon to show state)

What does "enable controls do"

I added in a extra step to enable controls.  A few users did not want controls available through the website.

By default controls are off.  Users will need to request a new token in order to enable controls.

"a few users did not want controls available..." but probably the majority want, at least I do. Could you have a parameter in the settings like "enable controls", so that it starts with "controls ON" or "control OFF" according to the setting selected ? 

After going to support.teslafi.com and back it now correctly shows 90%.

Setting to 80% while the car was sleeping worked fine. I waited some time and the changed setting was shown in the header line.

Then I changed it to 90% while the car was still awake (TeslaFi was trying to let it sleep). Seems to have worked fine, but I didn't control it.

Now, much later, I see that the header still shows 80%.

Trying to set it again to 90% brings: "Waking Europa......Checking to see if Europa is awake......Europa is still asleep......Checking to see if Europa is awake......Sending command......Set charge limit command was NOT received by Europa. Error = already_set"

Header still shows 80%.


I finished adding the set charge % and it looks like this one is complete.

Works fine now.

Once more an extraordinary service!

The timeout between the wake command and the 'real' command (e.g. pre-conditioning) is too short.


I think it was due to not clearing out a variable.  I just made a change that should do it.  Let me know.  I'll try when my car goes to sleep next time as well.


Haha.  Yes, I started working on this over the past few days.  It still needs some work but if you would like to test it out you can enable the controls by visiting the following link while logged in.  https://www.teslafi.com/?showc=1

The controls will stay in the header until you logout or change the url to showc=2.

Please let me know if you see any errors.  It should display an error message if things go wrong.  I'm sure I'll need to tweak some things as well.

Such a tease....  Yes, I did notice the new "Controls" icon , with the "Coming Soon" tease.  Sounds like interesting new functionality is coming!

I hear you on the emailed check for charging function. I don't use VT but I can see how that would be useful.

Also... the check for charging has saved by butt before... I have VT check at 10pm if it is plugged in and if not it sends me a text message. If I leave it overnight not plugged in I risk not having enough charge to get to work.....

I added a separate feature request for this.

I was using Visible Tesla on my computer and my favorite feature was to be able to control the SOC on a schedule. Here in the North East the cold weather greatly affects the regen breaking, which is about my favorite feature of the car! Anyway, with the scheduled SOC, I would set it to charge a extra 5% starting at 5am, that way the battery would warm up by 5:30 when I left and my regen breaking was much better for my ride to work.

So, it looks like teslafi had no control feature... :( So, my idea would be to add scheduling to it if it is added.

I added a separate feature request for this.