Provide a faster way to tag multiple drives

mkolowich 7 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 10

When adding tags to multiple drives, the screen refresh after each tag, which also resets the browser to show the top of the page, is slow and awkward. It would be most helpful to be able to tag multiple drives at the same time, rather than refreshing and resetting the page in the browser after each tag is saved.

By the way, if anyone wants to help test auto tagging between locations please open a ticket and let me know.  It's ready to test and there will be a few other things thrown in the test as well.

I added a "Tags" checkbox near the bottom of the page which will put you in a different view to tag drives a little faster.

It's not perfect but there's so much going on in that page I can't get javascript or ajax to work reliably across browsers.


Same Here, multi-select for tagging would be great.  Also, in the same theme, auto-tagging a pre-defined drive between two tagged locations would save some reviewing time.


Adding a "tag every drive today as XXX" would be a great start.  Even better would be a checkbox on each drive so I could just click the 8 drives which were business, and tag them as business, then manually tag the one personal drive I had that day.  I signed up for TeslaFi primarily because I'd like to stop needing a paper log book for my business drives, but if it takes longer to tag the drives than to write them out longhand, then tagging's not worth the effort.  (I'll keep TeslaFi even if this never gets fixed, because it's a great backup to my paper log, even if the drives aren't tagged they still show the mileage and destinations.)

This is the same situation for. I mainly use this app as a business and personal tracking log. A check box to each trip would be great to have so we can easily tag different types of trips.


Great. Thanks


James -- new behavior is DRAMATICALLY faster for tagging multiple drives. Thank you!

It's a start, but when there are many drives to tag, the fact that saving the tag resets the browser to the top of the page still makes this process quite slow. Is it possible, upon saving, to use the anchor to keep the page from scrolling to the top so the next drive can be easy accessed


I was in fixing some issues with adding notes to charging sessions and added anchors to the drive and charging tables. Now when you click to add a note to either one it will bring you straight to the note being edited.

Is this helpful?

Easiest way to improve would probably be use of anchors in the page for each drive and use of these when clicking on the note icon / save button. That would get you positioned at the right place after clicking. Same could also be used when merging drives.