Add an URL to the TeslaFi API to set the charge limit

StefanSarzio 7 years ago updated by cperez 4 years ago 4

I hope this is no duplicate. I searched, but couldn't find any entry.

Currently I use the Tesla API to automatically set the charge limit using Tasker from my Android phone. Unfortunately it's JSON and the necessary plugin does not work reliable.

So it would be cool if I could set the charge limit via the TeslaFI API and a simple http call (those work without plugin and are reliable) like:


Hi! Should be possible to add Maximum Amperage (Amps) to "Set Charge Limit" API? Now it's possible to start and stop charging but change Amperage would be a great addition combined with house energy consumption!


Now I am working in Teslafi integration with Home Assistant (HASS.io) and should be nice to start / stop charging based in my house energy consumption.

One more API URL necessary for "start charging".