Text Message sent when doors or windows are open or unlocked after "X" number of minutes.

mdX- 1 year ago updated by James 4 weeks ago 3

Accidental Fob signal from pocket, or someone leaving a door open would cause much damage if rain or snow starts. User could choose "X" minutes. 

User could choose how often repeat messages are sent. 

BTW: I'd pay $10-$20 per year for this function if needed as the hotel desk has called me after my fob opened my Falcon Wing from my jean's pocket while on the hotel's 3rd floor! So far not during a rain storm!!

Advanced features for Ver 2.0:

Ignore open doors if in a designated location like my garage.

Snooze activated by text message back to Teslafi.

Came here to suggest an alert if doors were unlocked for more than X minutes. I let someone use the key card to go out to get something from the car and they didn't re-lock it. Would have been nice to get an alert after 20 minutes or so saying the car was still unlocked instead of realizing the next morning. 

I would like this as well.   Alert me if car is left unlocked for a period of time (not at a specific time). Also, include locked/unlocked status in the log entries for idle/parked.   If window and trucks status is available to you, include these as well in the logs and alert options.  Thanks! 


This has been added to setting->notifications. It will alert you after the set amount of time when the vehicle is unlocked.