Is it possible to change how activities on a day are displayed?

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I have a paid account for my Model S, and was using a trial initially for my new Model 3. The Model 3 displays the first drive of the day at the top, and all other activities then fall in order lower on the screen. The Model S displays the most recent activity at the top and the first activity of the day at the bottom of the screen -- exactly the opposite of the 3.

There's an arrow to the left of the "Sleeps" checkbox, but it doesn't change anything. I can't find any settings that might affect it other than that.

Running the most recent version of Chrome, but I've noticed this behavior for some time.

Missed this before -- https://support.teslafi.com/communities/1/topics/3659-can-we-sort-the-days-data-by-newest-on-top

Using Microsoft's Edge browser, the arrows work. Using Chrome, they don't. And I'm still not sure why the two logins display data exactly opposite each other.

Chrome is current:  Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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This should be corrected now.  Chrome changed something things on how images are processed in forms.



Works for me! Thank you!

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