3 phase charging - slightly misleading metrics

Siggy101 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

I have noticed that TF doesn't seem to support/understand 3 phase AC charging quite right.

I am currently charging at 5A on 3 phase 240V AC.  TF is reporting that I am charging at 4kW which is correct but it is showing 240V at 5A which is not quite correct.  Really, it would be more correct if it would show either '240V at 15A' or '400V at 5A'.  

Do you think you can develop a little modification to let it show 3 phase charging voltage, amperage and kW correctly according to my suggestions above?

Hi James. Sorry, I completely forgot to reply after checking. 

Indeed, you hit the nail on the head and it makes much more sense now. Many thanks! 

Under review


Sorry for the delay.

Assuming you're referencing the green charging table that appears on the top of the site this should be corrected.  It should show the 240V at 15A.

Please let me know if it appears correct now.



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