Charge summary page - incorrect data

MF 6 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 3

Hi. The charge summary page has some errors (at least I think so):

- the total hours is incorrect.  The total shown is much lower than the number of hours if you list all of the charges and add up the hours.

- the total savings shows $0.0, which is not correct (yes, I've added the MPG, $/kwh, $/gal numbers in settings).


Thanks for fixing the calculation problem!  What does savings represent?  I thought it was gas v. electricity for the given number of miles driven.  Is it for people with free supercharging, to calculate free v. home?

It's if you charge away from home and don't enter a cost for the location or charge it will be considered a savings.



The time has been corrected.

The total savings should be zero since you're charging at home using the kWh price set in the settings page.  The charge cost/savings does not correlate with the gas savings like drives do.


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