Car status (offline, idle, API error)

StefanSarzio 6 years ago updated by Hebersder 5 years ago 1

Teslafi right now for my car shows "Is Idling, 6 Minutes" in the top bar and "Idle, 21 Minutes" in the table entry below.

Why is this difference?

In the raw log it shows "API Error - Data 405". I would like to have that displayed in both places instead of "idle", so that I know that the car in fact is offline. It's at the SeC right now, so it's probably due to remote access being disabled.


I changed both of the references to display 'Mobile Access Disabled' in instances like this.  Most likely the idle where mobile access disabled occurred will want to be deleted since a charge or drive could occur during the 'idle' time but you can determine that based on what it shows when remote access is enabled again.

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