Lates Fleet Updates: Fleet Firmware "Display Models" selection only changes the first pane, the overall listing.

boaterva 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4

Should it select S and X  OR 3 for all listings below, or just the overall listing (pane 1)?

I would think if we select S/X, we want S/X for all panes below (AP2.5, etc.).

Gotcha, and looks better now, thanks!

Still shows 2018.32.6 etc if you scroll down with 3's in it?

I can keep the model 3 only versions from displaying but I can't keep versions with both models from displaying the model 3 count.  The sorting and grouping is really complicated with with all of the different software formats that Tesla has had over the years.  It's probably the longest query I've ever written.

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