Can we have a TeslaFi iOS App to start polling when I start driving?

epheterson 6 years ago updated by QS01 4 years ago 3

I seem to be unable to get my Tesla to sleep without TeslaFi sleep settings, but I also end up missing data because of them. It'd be great if TeslaFi had it's own app, for its own sake, but also this app could watch for a Bluetooth connection to my car, and/or monitor motion data to know when I'm driving, and start polling immediately. Tezlab does this pretty well with their app, the functionality would be similar here.


as a workaround - I configured an iOS automation to text "Yes" to TeslaFI at 7AM each morning to get polling to start up TeslaFI is generally in it's sleep mode then.  If your leaving at different times you could also create an Automation to send "yes" when your "Leave Home"....  This would at least kick start it a bit quicker.

Personally I would like to see TeslaFI have a "Start Polling Schedule" where I could say between 6am and 8am ALWAYS be in regular polling mode.


Need a TeslaFi app for PC

Personally, I think browser is okay for Mac/PC. The only reason I'm suggesting an iOS app is to facilitate re-starting the polling.