Please add the ability to manualy add a charge record.

TC56 2 years ago updated by richmich15 1 week ago 5

In some underground car parks, connection with the car is lost and therefore record of a charge session is not transmitted.  It would be great to be able to add a chrge record to keep records current

Equally I guess it could notice that a charging session was missed if the Charge level goes up significantly for apparently no reason ??

I frequently charge in an underground car park and the car loses connection, hence no charging data.

Likewise.. would be good to be able to add a missing record.

Any news on this please?  It is starting to be a REAL pain not being able to manually add a charge record and is messing withoverall statistics in a BIG way.

Would live this. Had car offline last night. Did reboot and it's fine, but missed a 50kwh charge. 

Seems if charge goes from x to x+50 then it could assume its a charge.