Replicate table of tagged locations between accounts with multiple cars

mkolowich 6 years ago updated by James 2 years ago 3

My Model 3 has arrived (to share the driveway with my Model X), and of course the first thing I did was to start a new Teslafi.com account for the second car.

However, the thought of manually tagging dozens or even hundreds of the same locations as in my old account is daunting.

It would be incredibly helpful to be able to import the tagged locations from one account into another account.  This could EITHER be a one-time import or, even better, a shared table that can be used by both cars: an update to one is an update to both.


You can now share tagged locations between multiple accounts using the Fleet Account option.  More info can be found here:  Fleet Accounts For Linking TeslaFi Accounts


- Tagged Locations

- Auto Tag Drives

have Problems with the tagged Locations. this ist the 3rd car. I can't see tagged Locations from my first car. 

I needed a lot of time to mark the locations. Linking from car1 to car2 was ok, but after Link from Car2 to Car3 many of the Tagges Locations are gone. at this Moment we buyed a second car and would LINK them but then all tag are gone.

it would be not bad to Link to several Car's or get an Export/Import posibility

need some movement on some of these requests.

Cost, to me isn't the issue, the hassle of jumping around between accounts is.