Enable/Disable Logging

andrewlathom 2 years ago updated by Gerlleates 11 months ago 2

Whenever I've manually disabled logging and then re-enabled it, there is a 15 min delay before my car's data feed resumes. Is there any way that can be reduced, or ideally, eliminated? When I disable it, polling stops right away. Couldn't enabling it trigger an immediate data request? Or am I missing something in Settings where this can be adjusted?

Also, could the logging status be displayed more prominently? I see the message all the way at the bottom after scrolling, but could that status be shown in the header? Perhaps with a "last polled time" if disabled and a "polling active since" time if enabled? And along with this, it would be awesome if the enable/disable functionality could be moved from the settings page to the header as well.



Interesting. I'm testing out the API calls and it appears the the enableLogging command restarts polling right away. So I can just setup a bookmark with that call and use it instead of the Settings page. Now I'm just wondering why the 2 methods behave differently.



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