Deep Sleep Mode

andrewlathom 6 years ago 0

I've tried to read through as many of the sleep threads as I could, but I have several questions and requests that I haven't seen.

To confirm my understanding - there is a difference between Deep Sleep and manually disabling logging, correct? In Deep Sleep, there is logging at least every hour as TeslaFi checks in, right? So I would just suggest that this distinction be noted on the Settings page since "This mode will disable logging all together" doesn't seem accurate to me.

Also, what I'm seeing during Deep Sleep periods is about 60 minutes of sleep followed by about 10-15 minutes of Idle. My question is, why does it need to have this idle period? If no changes are found, couldn't the sleep period just be shown as continuing uninterrupted? If this can't be done, how about a way to "rollup" or merge (like is possible with drives) the multiple cycles of sleep/idle? I don't really want to delete them, but would prefer they don't take up so much screen space.

Finally, would it be possible to be able to set multiple Deep Sleep time periods in Settings? I'd like to have one for both Home and Work. 

Thanks for listening!