Webpage Refresh

andrewlathom 6 years ago updated by JennLazz 6 years ago 1

Greetings. I'm a brand new subscriber and am thrilled with TeslaFi!

My first request: Would it be possible to have a user-configurable auto-refresh interval for the website main page? Maybe with a minimum value to avoid too much extra load on the server. 

If that's not feasible, how about a large Refresh button on the header bar? It's not always easy to hit the little refresh circle in the browser while driving. Along with or in lieu of this, how about just a more prominent time display of when the page was last loaded? I understand that this can usually be seen by looking at the end time of the current idle, drive, etc. but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

Thanks for a fantastic app!


If you click the TeslaFi logo on the main page it will refresh the page, stumbled upon that accidentally.  Not auto refresh but that will solve the large refresh button request! :)