Dual rate charging - Cheaper night time rate

JohnDeane 3 years ago updated by Michel 2 years ago 5

With Eco 7 or 10 (seven or ten hours of cheaper electric rate at night) the ability of displaying a second rate for electric charging to make actual cost more realistic


I also have 2 rates that I charge at.  I have a nighttime rate of 0.014/kwh and a daytime rate of 0.063. I work at night so can only use the cheaper rate on the weekends. I really need the option to use both costs to get an accurate summary.


Yes please Teslafi, most of the UK Tesla owners have dual rate charging.  We really NEED this incorporated into you fine website to make any sense of the real cost of charging.  PLEASE PLEASE

This would be great! If I had this I would not need to be able to export the charges to csv, as dual rate charging costs is what I would have put into an Excel table on the exporteted charge data. Although I can not find out where total charging costs are at the moment. All these nice things one could do in Excel if it was possible to export all the charge sessions. I found the total cost for a month on the calendar view

Just in case important: in UK (for me at least) the time of my overnight E7 rate does not adjust with Daylight Saving Time, so I'm one-hour-different in Summer.

I have to change the car to start charging one hour differently, when the clocks change. Clearly I can do the same in TeslaFi, but of course that depends on me remembering!!

I strongly support this feature request. There is a factor three difference between the nighttime/off-peak and daytime/peak rates with several utility providers here in Sweden, so this would be a major step forward to make Teslafi even more useful.

Ability to enter both peak and off-peak rates, plus a table to confirm when the different rates apply per day and per weekday would be fabulous.