Distance driven on the calendar differs from the distance show for the drives on that date

rlc 6 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 3

The calendar view for 8/17 shows 525.78 miles total - which is > 100 miles low.  It appears that the last drive of the day is not included - and that drive ended right around midnight.  The mileage for that drive is not included in the 8/18 daily summary on the calendar either.  Obviously midnight is special ...   :-)


Thank you.  The search in the calendar view was using the ending date of the drive instead of the starting date.  Everything should show up correctly now.


It's not only midnight drives. On 2018-08-19 I have one drive in the middle of the day, 98,01 km. The calendar shows 60,90 km.


It looks like it was actually showing miles even though km was selected in settings.  This should be corrected now.



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