Not a bug

Model 3 shows all Supercharging as "savings" when most of us are, in fact, charged.

jverbil 6 years ago updated by SalisburySam 5 years ago 3

Every time I supercharge, I am charged by Tesla, but TeslaFi shows my supercharges as "savings." With a developing and ever-changing mix of people who are and are not charged for supercharging, perhaps you should give a configuration option to specify whether we get charged or not, with Model S/X defaulting to free and Model 3 defaulting to charged, given that most are set up that way.

Sorry, but I have to disagree...for my use case, accumulating Supercharger expenses as “Savings” is indeed a fail, if not a bug.  I contend TeslaFi needs to recognize some owners pay and some do not.  For those who do not, it is a savings.  For the growing population of owners who do pay, it is clearly NOT a savings.

Not a bug

You can add a cost per charging session here next to each charge:

Or editing/adding a tagged location can specify a per kWh price.



Should also add the ability to add the cost per minute as lots of places charge that way.

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