Infer missing drives/charges

rlc 6 years ago 0

As you know, sometimes a drive or a charge is missed due to comm failure with the car (and maybe other reasons).  It seems to be it would be possible to generate drive or charge records that approximate what was missed.

For example, my car was at the Service center. For the period of time in question, there was a LONG idle, but here is how it looked. 

Idle 2047PreconditioningBatteryAddressTimeStartedEndedStarting RangeEnding RangeRange LosskWh LossDelete
57 >#/td### Tesla Service Center17 Hours  6 Minutes5:03 PM10:10 AM141.51174.47-32.96-9.15

While perfect accuracy is impossible, one could infer from this that at least 9.15kWh were added in a 'hidden' charge.  Breaking it out as a charge would be much more accurate.

I have also had drives go missing.  These can be detected by the end of a drive being at a different location than the beginning of the next drive.

Obviously these would be approximations, and would be missing much of the detail of a normal drive or charge, but they would help both in providing better information about what went on, and in avoiding people thinking that TeslaFi is not working correctly.