Merge more than two drives

tuna 2 years ago updated by potato 8 months ago 3

Is it possible or will it be possible to merge more than two drives?

I  also need to merge more than two drives. More so, since the app slices up every trip I do just because I happen to put  the car in park. Great app!

Yup, they need better merging and splitting options. I want to be able to split a drive as well. Like several times I drove from point A to point B, dropped someone off there, and drove to point C. I want point B to show up in my destinations, and also want it to count as 2 drives instead of one long drive. I now know, every time I drop someone off, put the car in park for a bit, but would love to split earlier drives.

I agree completely. If I interpret this thread properly, if I go on a long drive with multiple stops (more than one), I cannot merge all of the drives (as delineated by putting the car into park) into one drive.