Create Phantom Drive Records

rfmurphy81 6 years ago 0

More often than I'd prefer, TeslaFi seems to stop polling my car when I open the door or immediately prior to starting a drive. Since most of my drives are local (e.g. less than 15 minutes in length), this results in the Idle session showing a Range Loss equal to the distance I had driven.

I'd like to see if the site can create the concept of a "Phantom Drive" or something along those lines. I'd say the trigger would be based on the geo location or mileage of the car. If the geo location and/or the mileage for the car had changed without a drive record, rather than count it as Range Loss for an Idle record, the site should really be counting it as a drive with an Idle record prior and after. 

Likewise, perhaps the same thing could happen any time the range goes up (like if you started a charging session when TeslaFi stops polling). If the geo location or mileage hasn't changed but the range has gone up, it's safe to assume that those additional miles of range were from the charging session. The site may already be doing this. 

Can this be implemented?