Leader board Drive lenght /time not accurate

naeblis 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 7

did a 425.4 hyper mile session.    It is reflected as 353 on the leader boards.   The following items from the drive are not accurate 

Length 353 shown 425.4 driven

Time 7:10 shown 8:59 actual 

kWh used. 75 actual   89 , 

Effency 123.  Actual 124.7


I think what happened is the leaderboard table was updating in the middle of your drive so it cut it off at that 353 mile mark.

I added a catch to skip the update if the car is driving so it won't happen again.  While I was testing it out I messed up the table.  I cleared it out and it's updating again right now.  It's going to take a while to update completely.  Probably at least an hour or two.

Well now everyone has my drive stats.   :).  Btw.  I program is sql daily so it's nice to see that I am not the only one.   Great site btw.  Love it

Will it come back?  

I just deleted it two minutes ago.  :-)

More in a little bit.

Now the drive has been deleted :(

Under review

The data in the drive summary is accurate

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