API Limitation

Amount of time spent on autopilot

Mitcheip 6 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 2

I'm not sure if it would be possible but can the amount of time/number of miles, in each drive, that autopilot has been used? It would also be interesting to see how many warnings "apply light pressure to steering wheel" people get. Something like warnings per mile/km driven on Autopilot. I never take my hands off the steering wheel but do get a lot of warnings to apply pressure. I would like to know if I'm "unusual" in this respect.

API Limitation


Auto pilot usage is not available from the Tesla API.




As for your suggestion, I guess that data isn't available through the API and thus not possible.

I'm mainly replying to teach you something valuable. The car does NOT expect you to put pressure on the wheel to avoid warnings. It expects you to put torque into the wheel, as in the same force as when your actually steer the car (rotation of the steering wheel).

If you just let your hand rest flat on the inside bottom part of the wheel for example and then just apply a light resistance to the steering force of the autopilot (or just apply light force in either left or right direction if the road you're on is very straight) it should never give you a warning again.

Long story short: Don't press the wheel. Turn the wheel! But not eneough to disengage autopilot of course :-P